it needs


Contacting CMA Technology is NOT an impersonal online survey followed by a call with a sales person– it’s a real conversation with an IT professional who is interested in your business' IT needs.

When you contact us, here’s what we will address in an in-depth, personal conversation: 

  • Your current IT systems
  • Your business’ approach to managing IT
  • Current IT limitations, frustrations and pain points
  • Overall business needs and goals
  • How IT can create a competitive advantage for your business
  • Strategic IT options that may be a fit for your business
  • Budget: What your business can afford, and how to create the most value for your IT budget
  • Impact: Whether CMA or your current vendor can offer the most impact

Our goal is to provide you with personalized information that relates directly to your business’s unique IT needs to help you make decisions about how to maximize your IT infrastructure and systems – today and in the future.